24 April 2013

Illustration Friday: train

I am going on a short trip. I like to travel by train: drink a cup af tea, read and stare out the window.

18 April 2013

13 April 2013

Illustration Friday: wild

A quick drawing for Illustration Friday's topic: Wild
Hope you like it! 
Have a nice weekend

10 April 2013

Paper cut: dinner

This paper cut I made a while ago. it was on the wall in our living room. The shadow appeared when I removed the black paper from the background! A nice, spontaneous detail! :-)

5 April 2013

Colours and patterns

I have always liked folkloric, ethnic clothes. Because of their colours and patterns and maybe also because they are timeless, not influenced by fashion.

3 April 2013

Walnut banana cake

I made this walnut-banana cake yesterday. It's very easy to make and ..... delicious!