24 March 2013


A little goldfish for Illustration Friday!

19 March 2013

Happy Norouz!

Today is the Persian New Year! Sale no mobarak!
To celebrate people make a table at home with seven things on it that start with the letter -S in Persian. It's is called "haft-seen", seven -s. 

This year I have made one my self. You see: sabzeh (sprouts, but mine still has to grow...), sib (apple), sir (garlic), serkeh (vinegar), somaq (a spice), sekkeh (coins) and the one thing missing is: senjed (dried fruit) or you can also put samanoo, a sweet pudding
You also see a candle (symbol of light), a goldfish (it's not a real one!, symbol of life), an egg (symbol of fertility) and a mirror. I don't know exactly what it stands for... Any one?

17 March 2013

Reading woman

The topic of Illustration Friday is Eye Glasses. My first association was: a book! There are a lot of pretty paintings of reading woman. Have look here for a nice collection. 

And this is one is my contribution! :-)

15 March 2013


Summer is still far away, even the spring hasn't started yet! But I liked to paint some colourful, happy flowers with my new watercolours.

Have a nice weekend!

13 March 2013

Ilustration Friday: yesterday

The topic of IF this week is: YESTERDAY. I decided to paint this typewriter, an old machine that we don't use any more. Because TODAY we are all mailing, chatting, posting and searching on the internet. But there are still people that use typewriters, have a look at this page: USB Typewriters :-)

10 March 2013


Today I got this box with 12 beautiful colors from my father. A very big surprise! :-) When I started painting I could immediately see and feel the difference with my old box of water colors. If you think that the quality of my illustrations is a bit higher from now on, then you know why!!

3 March 2013

Yoga talent

Two weeks ago I started yoga classes and I enjoy it very much! For this kind of exercices I need a little bit more talent. :-) Standing on one leg without losing balance is still a challenge!

1 March 2013

Illustration Friday: Talent

I made this drawing as a postcard for a friend who is learning Arabic and who has a lot a of talent for languages. I like languages a lot my self. So, I am curious: what languages do you speak?!