19 May 2013

Illustration Friday: Liquid

My painting for Illustration Friday. 
The topic of this week is: liquid. 

A little African influence. 
Tomorrow we go to a concert of a Malian band. Maybe that's why? :-)


Guto de Oliveira said...

Colors and perfect features
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Melissa Kojima said...

I love this whimsical illustration! It make me happy!

Elika B said...

hey! :)
yea actually my flight is in few hours .. hopefully we're gonna go see Rome first!
I hope it'll be a nice and relaxing trip
Wish u a wonderful summer dear
btw ur previous post was so adorable =)

Take good care
n hope to visit ur blog soon!


Malachite M.S said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog <3 thanks for sharing your amazing art!