28 February 2015


I got a digital drawing pad and it is fun to find out what I can do with it!

Although nothing can replace the feeling of aquarel on soft paper, it is nice to be able to combine different types of media like pictures, digital drawings and scans of hand painted work.

What about your experiences with digital drawing?

14 February 2015

Wooden pendant 2

Today I made another one in blue and green!

Have a nice weekend!

11 January 2015

Wooden pendant

Today I made this painting on wood. I am planning on making more of them with different colours and faces and a matching bead.

7 December 2014


painting for father with his sons

16 November 2014

Illustration Friday: Theatre

Full of enthousiasm he ran up the stage to start his first show

9 November 2014


Thank you for visiting my blog.
I wish you a happy autumn day!

26 October 2014

IF: Puppet

I am going to use these matroushka's to make a garland


Trying my new colour, sea green!

21 September 2014

IF: Novelty

Autumn is about to begin. Mushrooms pop up everywhere.
I really like this season. What about you?

8 September 2014

IF: Radio

A tent is a good place to hide, rest and listen to the radio...